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Driving Range

The Driving range is a very small 100 yd practice area, and because of the lack of space we are required to have some rules over how it may be used. Anyone interrested in using the range area must keep their practice to the right side of the cart path that separates hole #7 from the practice area during peak hours of play and during any organized event. Longer shots may be played into #7 fairway only if there is no other play on the course at the time and all balls beyond the practice area must be picked up before players reach hole #7. It is simply out of etiquette that we understand the practice area must not ever interfere with play on the course.

Also we would like for all the members to know that practice on the golf course is never allowed, you should never play more than a second shot from the same position anything more than that will be considered as practice. The only exception to any of the above policy is if you are receiving instruction from the golf pro.